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hello lover!

you say goodbye & i say hello

[L A U R i E]

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Beauty Queen of only nineteen.
My name is Laurie and I am 19 years old. I am a southern belle living in Louisiana. I am a college freshman majoring in Computer Programming and I work at a movie theater which rocks. I am a sweetheart and super kind to everyone, just don't piss me off- I cut with my words. Oh yeah, speaking of words, I am a wordy thing. I know big words and use them often, to my advantage. I am such a girly girl, makeup, the color pink, and shopping all consume me. I am a movie junkie. I see them far too much. I love music also. I have a small addiction to Veronica Mars- the best tv show out there. Seriously, you are crazy if you don't watch it. I have been lucky enough to meet Tessa Thompson who plays Jackie on Veronica Mars and I hope to meet Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring, as well as the rest of the cast. Jason Dohring is ♥ I love fashion design, writing, and graphic design. I hope to one day be a fashion designer, writer, and design all of my websites etc.

It's an Obsession

As I said before I adore Veronica Mars, that is my hands down favorite show. Thank goodness it got picked up for season 3! People jump on the bandwagon and start watching it. Other than Veronica Mars I love NCIS- it is the only CSI worth watching. I am also a Disney Channel/Lifetime whore- can't get enough of those channels. Oh, and the occassional Food Network (I love 30 minute Meals with Rachel Ray - EVOO lol- and all the competitions!)

I adore Jason Dohring. Zac Efron is beyond adorable! Keanu Reeves is my old time crush, not old time because he is older but because he was my first celebrity crush so he never leaves. Josh Lucas, enough said.

You Just Can't Be Me

I am going to put all the awesome communities I am in, help mod, or just really like here just give me some time!!